Turning Culture into Capital

Experience you can trust. A process that delivers. And a conflict-free passion to make sure and its people thrive after the deal is done.


PREPARE for Market

Developing a comprehensive strategy, assessing corporate culture, evaluating growth potential, appraising the company's value and recommending approaches to enhance market value.


TAKE to Market

Developing a comprehensive landscape of potential partners or acquirers. Matching strategies and cultures. Connecting the principals of sellers and acquirers. Partnering with companies and individuals to define winning opportunities.


WIN at Market

Negotiating the optimum deal. Closing the transaction with excellence in execution. Navigating the process based on extensive experience. Shepherding the due diligence and closing a transaction that meets or exceeds our client’s goals.


Financial Concierge

Competitive Strategy, Corporate Culture Assessment, Growth Assessment, Succession Planning, Valuations


ArkMalibu will help you and your company in order to achieve the goals you set.


ArkMalibu works alongside business owners who are making significant decisions regarding the future of their businesses. This work includes ownership restructuring, exit strategy development and defining growth capital opportunities. ArkMalibu will help you and your company achieve the goals you set.


Trusted Advisors

  • Obtain higher multiples
  • Conflict-free negotiations and advocacy
  • Cultural fit with new partners or acquirers
  • Relationship-based coaching and negotiation
  • Thorough understanding of why transactions succeed or fail


Business Skills

  • Broad access to relationship network
  • Experience with every type of deal structure
  • Expert in corporate culture and competitive  strategy
  • Background in operating small and large companies
  • Expertise that runs deeper than simply managing transactions
  • Deep and wide research capabilities


Business Judgement

  • Superior insights and creativity born out of extensive experience
  • Successful completion of hundreds of engagements
  • Completed advisory transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $30B
  • Experience raising more than $10B of debt, mezzanine, hybrid or equity capital for client companies from financial institutions and family offices


Customized Service

  • Senior level interaction throughout the process
  • Regional presence delivers greater service
  • In-person accessibility and responsiveness


Relationships are everything, and that's our priority at ArkMalibu. You'll see it in everything we do, and in every interaction we have.
Still not sure? See what some of our many happy clients are saying.
  • Ken Phelps, Camargo Pharmaceutical Services"ArkMalibu's efforts have resulted in Camargo being a better company. They led us to recognize and leverage our cultural values and we look forward to rapidly growing our company in the coming years"
  • Greg Morris, G.E. Aviation"When we engaged with ArkMalibu, we did so after investigating a number of other firms. We were impressed by ArkMalibu's depth of experience, and most importantly felt that we would get top level attention throughout our process. Often larger M&A firms will initially court clients with their top management and talent, but during the actual process they hand the clients off to less experienced staff. Our experience with ArkMalibu was completely the opposite. We were always working with their top management, complemented by experienced staff specific to the needs that came up. Malibu's broad background, personal attention, experienced negotiating capabilities and passion to see us achieve the highest value results led to a very successful sale of our company that exceeded our expectations."
  • Gar Liebler, CEO of LandArc"ArkMalibu has what it takes to maximize a deal and get it over the finish line. They were tenacious, insightful, and offered excellent counsel throughout each stage of our transaction. We couldn’t get our deal done on prior attempts with big-name attorneys and advisors, but ArkMalibu made it happen, and with far less stress."
  • Burke Byer, President and CEO, Byer"ArkMalibu was a fantastic partner in and architect of the deal with Benjamin Steel. From the search process to the final negotiations, they made sure we were protected and that our best interests were served, getting us a deal value that we felt we deserved. Throughout the deal there were many difficult decisions that had to be made, and it was essential that we be able to rely on and trust our partner. ArkMalibu always gave us objective information and wise counsel, which helped us make good decisions. Things can get emotional during the transaction process and ArkMalibu did a great job managing highly charged situations and getting the deal across the finish line."
  • Bill Krul, CEO Miller Valentine Group"We chose ArkMalibu over Wall Street firms because of their local expertise and hands-on capabilities. The company not only protected our best interests but also provided around-the-clock service and advice. Their expertise and insight helped move the deal to completion."
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