ArkMalibu’s Peter Kubasek Part of an Expert Panel Discussion

on “Scaling for Sustainable Growth” Hosted by Cincinnati Business Courier and First Financial Bank

October 20th, 2017: Cincinnati Business Courier and First Financial Bank invite Peter Kubasek, Managing Partner and founder of ArkMalibu to join a panel of trusted advisors (Crystal Faulkner of MCM and Todd Wilkowski of Frost Brown Todd) to have a conversation on how to drive the value of a business through sustainable growth. “Scaling for sustainable growth,’’ is essential for the long-term success of any business. To achieve such success, a business owner must be passionate and committed to the strategic vision of his or her company. With a strategic plan in place, business owners must focus on their corporate culture to ensure that the right people are attracted to their organization and excel in the company’s cultural environment. Attracting and retaining talented individuals remains a major challenge for business owners; cementing the importance of corporate culture aligning with the overall goals of the company. Once these two elements are identified and consistently aligned, businesses find it easier to maintain high levels of sustainable growth. Implementing a strategic plan and a corporate culture is a complicated process, as Peter Kubasek ‘s articulates through his first-hand experiences and in-depth insights on the trends he has seen as companies go through the sale process. Throughout the discussion, Kubasek focuses on the importance of culture, management, high-margins, and the company’s ability to deliver value -as he believes these are key drivers for any successful business. To read more about Peter Kubasek’s thoughts as well as the entire discussion from last month’s panel, please see the newest edition of the Cincinnati Courier Vol. 34, NO.25

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